Sei bella che fai male


Francesca is a sort of modern witch with the gift of palm reading and a great passion for Instagram, books about vampire and the music of the amazing Hula Hop.

Her life is not very easy, considering that she feels inevitably fat, while Gloria, her best friend, has a top model’s body. To make things worst, there is Antonio, a boy she is dating. Unfortunately sometimes he does not answer to her texts and disappears.

Luckily, there is Euridice.

But, who is she?

Except for her beautiful Instagram profile, Francesca does not know her. In fact, you cannot really know anyone that you did not even meet.

Or not?

L'amore in cantina


We are all locked in the houses.
No school. No volleyball. No friends ( videocalls do not count). No swimming-pool. No park. No gigs.

Ester would have a boyfriend, but nobody can meet nobody, so what’s the point?
However, she discovers that unexpected adventures can be found just around the corner. To be more precise, just three floors away.