I grew up in the Romagna countryside, frantically reading books and with an obsession for the movie Flashdance (I know, it is from the 80s, but I am not so young anymore…).​

My teenage was a sort of obstacles course for different reasons. 
First of all, the sexism of the Berlusconi hera did not help the expression of myself.

Second, my ability to see fell apart and I must wear thick uncomfortable glasses. 
Third, my body rebelled against boring standards of beauty and flourished in a considerable quantity of Kilos and curves, making my life particularly complicated…but fun.

I travelled, worked, studied in libraries, schools, publishing houses and universities in different European countries and, astonished, I began to know men better through doing a lot of silly things which will inspire my books.

I write in order to laugh with and about myself. 

I write because we are who we are, no matters what others say.